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Welcome to Dark Side's New and Used parts website.

Dark Side specializes in high performance, race car and street machine parts. From Top Fuel and Top Alcohol to Bracket and Sportsman - Dark Side has you covered.

We have a large inventory of new parts and strive to offer the best prices in Canada.  And a large inventory of premium condition used parts.  *Used parts are always negotiable.  Call us to get your best price.  403-547-6691 - Dark Side ships internationally.

Contact Dark Side Racing for all of your racing, street machine and restoration needs: Chassis Fabrication , Welding (TIG) , Machining, Fuel Management, Electronic Fuel Injection, Data Acquisition and Computer Systems as well as New and Used Parts for Top Fuel Dragsters, Funny Cars, Top Fuel Harleys and any other vehicles powered by Nitro, Alcohol or Gasoline.  Dark Side also boasts a full service upholstery shop.     ------->  Dark Side: We Run on Nitro!

Blower Penetrating Gel Lube W/ Teflon


Prizm Penetrating Lubricant spray with Teflon is a formulated gel lube that is sprayed into your roots supercharger. The specially formulated gel adheres to the rotors and creates a tighter tolerance, thus resulting in higher efficiency and increased boost. Due to Prizm’s high molecular weight and resistance to extreme temperatures it will hold up to Gasoline as well as Alcohol and Nitromethane.
**Prizm Penetrating Lubricant spray with Teflon ships UPS Ground or Bus Only**

available in person  in Calgary or at Castrol raceway in Edmonton

Price: $20.00


Does your 2-piece racing suit have a plastic waist zipper? If yes, you will need to replace the plastic zipper with a metal zipper. I can get your racing leathers 2015 race ready!
MrsDarkSide's Repair Service
Please contact me if you are interested any alterations or repairs for your Leather Jackets, Pants, and/or Racing Suits. I work on all types of motorcycle clothing - leather and textiles. I am conveniently located in Calgary, AB and ship worldwide.
*The price to remove the horizontal plastic zipper and replace it with a metal zipper is $100.
I look forward to hearing from you!  --  Ph: 403-547-6691

Cast In Place Seat

Cast In Place Seat with Upholstery
This is an example of a two part poured seat: rigid foam was first poured to provide upward lift, the second pour was flexible foam which confirms to the body to minimize movement during impact.
Note: As per NHRA requirements, the entire seat has been upholstered with Nomex.
Dark Side offers an in house cast in place seat service. Or, call for kit pricing if you're interested in doing it yourself.