Dark Side Parts

 OptionsPrice Can $ 
Billet fuel injector spacer (roots)Opening size top and bottom,  divider, Injectors, lines,850.00 
 dist block   (for above)65.00 
NFC- Injector Angled Spacer 2"   height850.00 
Blower - sideway mounted carb adapter1.5"    (optional height)400.00 
Blower - inline carb adapter 2"      (optional height)400.00 
PSI-CGC Injector adapter/Spacer Call 
Idler Plates and PartsIdler plate Hemi-TFX with gear drive support 
 (optional - tabs for snout support) 
 Top Brace Washer .75 20.00 
 Top Brace .5" slot60.00 
 Axle  Idler Pulley 6.8" .75"-16tpiBore (optional .625)60.00 
 Idler Pulley Standoff (custom)30.00ea 
 'T" nut - For 1 Inch Slot Idler Plate20.00 
 Stud .5"x 2.25"  NF/NC5.00 
 Sliding Washer Top Idler Brace40.00 
 .75" -16 12PT Nut30.00 
 5" -20 Nut18.00 
 Angled Idler Plate Spacers65.00 
 Magneto Drive Spacer/Support110.00 
Burst PanelsKit --  specify size and applicationCall 
 JFR/Wilson (square) new25.00 
 JFR/Wilson (square) used18.00 
 AJPE small (rectangle) new35.00 
 AJPE small (rectangle) used20.00 
 Large (rectangle) new30.00 
 Large (rectangle) used15.00 
 Frame specify size and application  
wiring & TethersTether Kit65.00 
 Chords 10' 11' or custom60.00 
Custom Wrist Pin Buttonsspecify dimensions or send sample20.00 ea 
Barrel Valve - click adjusterspecify injector style or length150.00 
TF - Battery systemHolder billet aluminum140.00 
 Turnigy Graphene LiPo batteryCall 
 Lipo ChargerCall 
Blower Studslength/diam and undercut - (set of 8) 80.00 
 PSI Screw Blower Alum. Relief Cut Blower Stud 7075 new20.00/ea 
 PSI Screw Blower Alum. Relief Cut Blower Stud 7075 used10.00/ea 
 Custom PSI Screw Blower Alum. Relief Cut Blower Stud 6061  - (set of 8) 80.00 
Air switch/Tranducer LogSpecify # of switches20.00/switch 
 Prices are in Canadian Dollars $ (Shipping not included)