Live Axle Rear Ends

With this design the axle shaft is a large diameter, thin wall tube and becomes more of a structural member. The shaft is splined in the center to engage the spool and splined on both ends to accept a splined flange on each end. Both ends have a threaded area for the flange retaining nut. Most live axles use a single tapered roller bearing on each end, which must be preloaded with the flange retaining nuts during assembly. This design is most commonly found in Top Alcohol and Top Fuel , dragster and funny car applications.

 9" large pinion (not stock) , 10" and 12"
Strange Engineering
9” - 9.5”Top loader
10.50”Top loader
12” - 12.5" Top loader

12" Strange
12.25" Strange

10.5" Strange

9 - 9.5 " Strange  can be modified for a 10" gear
Dragster :
14.375 housing  -  32.25 axle
Funny Car :
16.375 housing  -  34.25 axle

9 - 9.5 " Strange - Axle and spool, note rearend is preloaded, held together by nuts on end of Axle.

Jack Chrisman Enterprises
10.500" Live Axle Assembly
Ideal for use in top alcohol dragsters and a-fuel dragsters.Gear ratios available are 2.91, 3.20 and 4.29.Uses the same floater assembly as the Chrisman 12.500"live axle assembly.
12.500" Live Axle Assembly
The rearend of choice in both top fuel and funny car

 Chrisman 12.5"