Air Logic Fuel Managment

Fuel Valve  
Normally closed Clippard style "Enrichment" valve
4 enrichment (NC - Normally Closed) valves with fittings, jets and air cylinders (actuators)
  Common Gates - Logic Elements  
AND The application of pressure at both 1 "and" 2 results in an output at 3.

OR Applying pressure to either input 1 "or" input 2 produces an output at 3.


Port 1 (typically supply) normally flows through port 3. When pilot 2 is applied, output 3 is shut off, and down-stream air is exhausted

(0 - 3 SEC.)Input 1 is delayed from becoming an output at 3 for an adjustable length of time; thereafter, output 3 will remain as long as supply input 1 is maintained. A volume port is provided to permit longer delays.
Decker Engineering (timers/logic)
Clippard Minimatic